Sunday, December 19, 2010

Missing the Moment

I miss the moment when I was in love
Hands in hands while walking by the beach
And the smell of her hair,as it gently breeze my face
To be together without feeling an emptiness that surrounds you
To know when you wake up,there is someone waiting on the other side of the phone
To hug her whenever she's down
To be hugged by her whenever you feel sad
To listen to babblings without grudges
To smile whenever you see her panic of petty stuffs
To grin tirelessly on shopping day
To have a shoulder to rest on lazy Sundays
To have a lover on freaky Friday
In the end
To have a friend, a woman, a person to share the old days later..
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  1. eh I thought you are already in love? hahah ;p

  2. farah: bukan ke itu semua yang kita nakkan dalam mencari pasangan hidup??

    Gluck: hey.. lama tak dengar dari u.. anyways, cinta takkan wujud selagi kita tak mengenali orang itu, selagi kita tak taaruf sesama insan

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